Tesla Coils

The SemiAxis Musical Tesla Coil

Tesla Coils are among our favorite projects to work on and we are happy to design and assemble a custom Tesla Coil of any size to fill the needs of your exhibit. We also offer a standard Tesla Coil starting at $7,500, which is capable of playing music from analog and MIDI sources through brilliant arcs up to 12″. Our typical system includes the coils, driving electronics, E-stop box, and remote controller with MIDI and analog inputs. A cage and instruments, such as our digital Theremin, can be added. SemiAxis Tesla Coils are assembled in our shop, tested for several hours before shipping, and require little assembly out of the box, insuring that the system runs reliably. We also offer delivery, on-site assembly, and training. SemiAxis will replace any parts damaged through operation during the first year of use, and we offer excellent customer support to help get our systems running and staying operational.

If you are interested in purchasing a Telsa Coil or would like to inquire about a custom built system, feel free to contact us.  Or if you would like to learn more about how a Tesla Coil works, click here.  You can also visit our FAQ page about the Tesla Coil to find answers to common questions.