What We Do

We specialize in custom electronic designs.  A lot can be accomplished with off-the-shelf systems and components, but when that doesn’t meet your needs we can help you determine your requirements, find solutions, and design the hardware and software to complete your design.

Whether you want a few units or design files for mass manufacturing, we can guide you through the process and help you bring your concept to reality.

Museum Exhibits

SemiAxis offers a small catalog of expertly engineered products to provide spectacular, interactive, reliable exhibits to our museum partners.  We are also happy to customize our products or design new electronics to fill the needs of your exhibit.

Tesla Coils


Thermal Grill Illusion


Exhibit Controller


Adam Davis, Embedded Systems Engineer:                     adavis@semiaxis.com

Will Mefford, Electronics Hardware Engineer:  wmefford@semiaxis.com

Phone:  734-418-8418